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I got a Lendrum!

Just bought a new-to-me (6yo) Lendrum with a Woolee Winder.

Any recommendations? I haven't even had the nerve to put it together yet.

Some 3-ply wool yarn

Some fairly basic yarn I made recently - no plans for it really, I just wanted to spin something :)
here be yarnCollapse )

epic 3-ply silk project

I finally finished a project on a drop-spindle that I started well over a year ago. Hand-dyed mulberry silk, which I Navajo-plied on the spindle.
I was worried that having worked on it erratically that results would be inconsistent but it looks OK.
pretty silk this wayCollapse )

Some 2-ply!

hi all,

Thought I'd post results of a recent project (some entirely different stuff in progress - that will go up another week).

pretty lamb's woolCollapse )

pretty alpaca (and poetic strangeness)

hi all,

Some pretty yarn to share! (Currently being turned into socks):

kingfisher sunrise - alpaca yarnCollapse )

yarns made over the last few weeks

A few fun yarns to show off - a hand dyed alpaca one, and another three-plied form 3 different fibres.

pretties under the cutCollapse )

Pretty 2-ply and some dyed fibre

I have been doing fibrey things again :)
I the last week I've produced some 2-ply yarn from some Southdown fibre, and dyed up some merino and alpaca.

pretties this wayCollapse )

More natural dyed alpaca!

I needed some more 3-ply alpaca yarn for an ongoing project - pretty pleased with this batch!

yarn this wayCollapse )

"Sahara" soft and pretty merino yarn

Do you remember I posted some pics a few weeks ago of some fibre a friend bought, wanting me to make a scarf?

yarn is under the cut!Collapse )

Emerald green alpaca and some fibre squee

I'm only halfway through this batch of yarn, but I had to share while the natural lighting was right to take a pic!

pretty green alpaca yarn and some fibre this wayCollapse )