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Handspinning Show and Tell
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Handspinning/Dyeing show and tell. Show your work, ask Q's or hang out with fellow fiber addicts
Welcome to spinning_squee 

We're a brand new handspinning community created to fill a handspinning community void on LiveJournal. We welcome all to jump right in and show off their work, ask questions and get to know fellow enthusiastic spinners. Dyeing tends to go hand in hand with spinning, so feel free to share dyeing knowledge, pictures etc. as well. We are really flexible when it comes to what is posted, and appreciate projects and items made from handspun- or even just victories indirectly related. Since the majority of us are friends (and fast becoming friends) we don't plan on being anal about sticking only to spinning and dyeing although that is our main focus.

When you make a post please make sure you have a subject (always handy) and an actual post- not just links back to your personal journal. If you need any help with cutting and pasting the html feel free to ask. Thank-you!

Handy link listing for handspinning and dyeing
Fiber Fineness Tables (and list of fiber types by breed and animal) 
Raw or Processed Wool Terms and Useage (Bottom of page)
Member Recommended Shop Listing (Etsy/Artfire etc.)

We are a daily meme friendly community. If you're not familiar with this phenomenon here is a brief outline:

Monday: Music Monday. Post what you like to listen to as you spin/dye. Music, podcasts whatever!

Tuesday: Talk to me Tuesday. Post a video of you sharing something fiber related.

Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday. Post a picture with no caption. (Subject is okay)

Thursday: Thankful or Thoughtful Thursday. What can't you live without as you spin/dye? (Thankful) What random thoughts do you have while spinning/dyeing (Thoughts)

Friday: Friday Finds! See something really pretty, or a cool new spinning/dyeing/fiber related tool or toy? Share it!

Sat/Sun: Shop spotlight! Feel free to post a blurb to your etsy, artfire, ebay store or a lys you love. No spam please, just a chance to give a spotlight on small businesses that people may enjoy. These will be added to a master list.
These are just daily memes for fun and to give you ideas. Regular posts, show and tells, photos, questions, introductions etc. can happen anytime on any day.